As The World Reopens

 “What do you do, when you’ve done all you can, and it seems like it’s never enough?”  Mr. Donnie McClurken suggests that you “Stand” strong through hardtimes. However, as many CEOs and corporate employees realized in the last 6 months, it’s impossible to stand strong and financially viable in the face of global crisis such as the Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020.  Even historically strong market leaders realized that when a virus as intense as COVID19  tears through every global industry, the best thing to do is to lay low, and wait it out. However, in waiting it out, we saw a large majority of mom and pop shops financially folding. They found it hard to pay their staff, let alone investor dividends. CEOs gladly stepped down and took pay cuts, just to ensure that the business would survive. 

The post Covid 19 world is different for businesses be ready by working with is

We saw industries such as the Food and Service Industry, Hair Stylists and Barbers and the entertainment and events industry take the hardest hits. 

However, we also saw a rise of new-age warriors in the digital economy, step forward and aggressively claim consumer dollars. Some of these champions were J.M. Smucker, The parent company of Folgers and Dunkin’ Donuts. We also saw Citrix, Amazon, Netflix and Zoom’s profits skyrocket as more and more consumers were looking for comfort and a sense of normalcy while they tried to entertain the kids (and themselves) while working from home online. 

The 2020 Global Pandemic caught a lot of business owners by surprise to say the least. While the whole world was seriously affected, and dismayed at how quickly one pandemic could disrupt our reality; many business owners and fortune 500 companies were left wondering if they would even have a viable business once the pandemic was over. 

walking downtown post covid in office space

Is The New Economy Here to Stay?

As the world gets closer to seeing different parts of the global market place “reopen” our firm has noticed that the brands who were left “standing” after COVID 19 had, from long ago taken a different approach. The companies that managed to keep their profits marginal – or scale them substantially, were the ones who were in tuned to the consumer’s need to want to create a work-life balance from the comfort of their home. 

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Our Take on Where We Are Headed

The global marketplace post COVID19 looks drastically different. The brands which are seeing dramatic success are ones which are leaner, greener and humanly concerned about equal rights and social justice.

So, where does your brand fit in? Now is the time for you to completely do an overhaul, if one is necessary. This is the time for you to “revisit” your initial communications plan and marketing strategy to ensure that you are both socially conscious and digitally engaged – on a larger scale. 

july 1-12 marks the comprehensive market research for 12 different markets post covid1-19

If you are looking for more clarity on what is to come “As The World Reopens” join me for my 12 part series – July 1 through to July 12. In each session we will break down for you the 5 areas you need to be focused in each core pillar of your business process.  Learn the tips and strategies others are using to present themselves as market leaders as they get prepared to grow and scale in this new economy. 

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